What We Do


ED Warriors (Eating Disorder Warriors) is a charitable organization that raises funds for eating disorder awareness and treatment costs. Eating disorders are not always easy to diagnose, and insurers are often not well informed about which treatments work. Therefore, insurance companies routinely deny coverage for treatment, even though studies have shown that a full-course of treatment is cost effective.

We encourage ED Warriors to share their stories and recovery process through creative outlets while striving to create a positive social support group.

ED Warriors attends various social events, selling art created by those in recovery from an eating disorder, along with art donations from artists who support our cause. 

We strive to educate the community about the most fatal mental disorder that is so commonly misunderstood.



A message from our Founder-


Hey, I'm Belle.

After struggling with anorexia for years then finally realizing I was worthy of help, I was frustrated and disappointed with the lack of financial support I received from my insurance company. For that reason (amongst many others), I founded ED Warriors. I was seeing two to three doctors weekly- costing on average $300+ a week- struggling to afford the treatment I knew I needed and deserved. This fueled me to find a way for others struggling to receive the help and treatment they need and deserve, without the financial burden.

Eating Disorders are extremely common, yet so misunderstood. 2/5 individuals have either suffered, or known someone who has or is suffering from an eating disorder. By sharing my story, I hope to continue educating people about the mental disorder that has the highest mortality rate out of any other. I have a passion for encouraging people to embrace who they are and the struggles that have made them, which is something I strive for daily.

I wholeheartedly believe that "owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing that we'll ever do".

If you or someone you know has struggled with an eating disorder, I urge you to share your story, and to keep fighting the fight. You are not alone. And someone out there needs you to keep living.


Belle Donnelly